"Susan will make an incredible school board member. She knows our schools, and more importantly has a heart for our kids."

Virginia Senator Bryce Reeves

My Platform


I am interested in continuing efforts to support compensation for our teachers. Watching the SEA, SB and BOS all work together to help all SCPS employees reach a 5% pay raise was impressive. Listening to employees speak about some of the other challenges such as class size, respect and feeling unappreciated, was eye opening. This leads me to think we may need to make improvements in other areas of compensation as well in Stafford County to keep our teachers.


Stafford County has many programs to offer a wide variety of experiences for our students. However, I feel we still do not give many of our average students the opportunities to learn and grow outside the classroom to reach their full potential. We have great STEM courses for our students in Stafford. I would like to better recognize the accomplishments these students have earned. I see it improving and would love to see more. In general, I would like to broaden the educational opportunities for ALL students. 


Our students and employees need to feel safe and our facilities need to be safe in Stafford County Public Schools. Students who report an issue, need to know they were heard and what will be done to help. Several constituents have shared their concerns with me regarding student safety and I believe these issues can be rectified. School employees are great eyes and ears in our schools and throughout our school system. They need to feel safe to speak up regarding issues and as a community and a School Board member, we need to listen and support. This could also go a long way in helping with teacher retention. Finally, our facilities need our School Board to tell the story of our needs for renovations, rebuilds and new builds. On time maintenance and proper government regulations need to be followed so that our employees, students and families remain safe and healthy in their work and learning environments.